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C A  R  O  L  I  N  E      J  A  S  P  E  R     S T U D I O

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"I am thrilled to again offer this unique painting retreat. Our host, the charming Vandiver Inn, provides an inspiring setting in historic Havre de Grace, MD.
Gourmet lunch is provided daily on site.  A wine and hors d'oeuvres reception closes out the week. Lots to do in the area for anyone traveling with you."      
- Caroline Jasper

April 3-7, 2017      
Havre de Grace, Maryland

5 Day Caroline Jasper Workshop
Contact: info@carolinejasper.com
Workshop sponsored by artist Caroline Jasper

301 S. Union Ave. Havre de Grace, MD 21078

"Vandiver Inn" 24x36 oil ©Caroline Jasper
Gourmet lunch provided daily
for workshop students.

Discount workshop lodging

(includes breakfast)
or vandiverinn@comcast.net

The Art Rooms Professional Art Supplies offers 20% OFF art supply orders for this workshop.
116 N. Washington St. Havre de Grace, MD 21078 • 410-939-6424 theartrooms@comcast.net
Orders will be delivered to the workshop before it starts. SUCH A DEAL!

 Hands-on workshop
  Levels: Beginner - Intermediate - Advanced
Returning students work independantly to the extent preferred by each.)
Acrylic,  Oil, Water-Soluble Oils,
  or any other opaque media

  Materials list provided upon registration.

New learning for all:  
• Advanced color concepts
• Enhance depth in painting
• Create dynamic compositions
• Paint on color grounds
• Avoid muddy colors forever
• Dramatize light/shadow
• Improve visual perception

How far can you go in days?
This workshop will change the way you see/think/paint.

Create impact paintings! Caroline's encouraging one-on-one approach fosters success for each individual. She empowers personal advancement regardless of experience or skill level. Dare to try unfamiliar ways to think about and work with color. Learn Caroline's dual-hue palette strategy for easy and efficient color management. Explore advanced color interactions. Experience more productive painting by starting on a color ground and watch your work develop quickly. Learn to improve without over-working. Create dramatic light/shadow effects and dynamic depth illusion. The first day is devoted to advanced color instruction: Get the truth about real vs. wheel color and say "good-bye" to muddy colors forever. Each day brings another new focus and new paintings- landscape on red - water - glassware still life. Take home a head full of color theory master concepts, better ways to paint, and inspired new paintings of your own.

Bring favorite photo references.
Materials list provided upon registration

"Pepper Pair"

"The Wait"

Caroline's books:

book "Painters Guide & Color Manual"

Caroline's Color Mix-MIngle Chart:
Color Shifts

Caroline's DVDs    
DVD Powercolor vol.1 DVD Powercolor vol.2 DVD Powercolor vol.3

Registration confirms your agreement with workshop policies.
Review Policies
Workshop Fee: $530
Send your contact info to info@carolinejasper.com

$265 Deposit
Holds your spot.


$265 Balance (after deposit)
Due by Feb. 28, 2017

Note: Make full payment only after Feb. 28, 2017
Register and pay in full by January 1, 2017 and get a
good toward any Caroline Jasper product purchase.
   (Coupon delivered to you on the first day of the workshop.)
Read Reviews from workshop students

Tina McCoy:
"Truly, I've found that of all the art workshops I've attended, your workshops are definitely the best. You are always impeccably prepared. Your visuals are clear, informative, and memorable, and you walked us through the process with care and mindfulness. You are very knowledgeable of the subject matter and share this knowledge with open heart and generosity. In the recent workshop at Vandiver Inn, you went above and beyond in making sure that everyone is comfortable and enjoying the workshop. Your attentiveness for our well-being is refreshing and very much appreciated. I also admire the way you encourage us to meet the challenge of the unfamiliar, and because of this everyone in this workshop seemed to blossom and transformed themselves. I've learned a lot more from you in this recent workshop; not just the process and the techniques, but also the nuances of the colors. My gratitude to you for helping me see clearly and for re-igniting my passion for colors. You are AMAZING and AWESOME. "

Monica Morgan:
"What a wonderful week!!"

Eva Kon:
"Chinese saying: 'When the student is ready, the teacher will appear'. Your teaching is a revelation and an unforgettable experience."

Kaaren McNulty:
"Your workshop was the BEST I have ever taken. To teach art, it is not enough to be a good artist. Having taken a couple of workshops from artists whom I admired as artists and thought I would learn from, I know from whence I speak. Being a good (or great) teacher is the real key. And you, my dear, are a great teacher. Your education background made a huge difference in the quality of the workshop:
1. You are obviously at ease in the process of and enjoyment of teaching.
2. It is apparent that you have spent a lot of time and effort in the visual aids you utilized. Know that it made a difference.
3. You were there every morning early and every morning you were prepared. That, too, makes a difference.
4. During class you spent more time with each of us individually than I have ever experienced in a workshop. And that was quality time, too.
5. You were there for us who came early and/or stayed late. No hesitancy on your part to help, even when you were "off the clock"
6. As Jack, in our workshop stated, "the first 20 pages of your book was an epiphany" after many years of trying to understand color theory. I agree. It all came together for me too. Thank you Caroline. You have inspired me."

Jian Yu:
(His fourth painting ever, at the close of his first ever workshop!)


Caroline Jasper is an oil painter, teacher of 30+ years and author of books POWERCOLOR - Master Color Concepts for All Media and PAINTERS' GUIDE & COLOR MANUAL- Strategies for All Media, also DVDs COLOR MOVES - Painting Water with Oils, Landscape Oil Painting on Red Ground, and Dramatic Depth in Painting - Traditional Oils, Acrylics, Water-Soluble Oils,and Powercolor vol.1,2,3 . With an MFA from Maryland Institute College of Art, and critical acclaim in national and international juried shows, her works hang in many public, corporate and private collections. Her lively, intensive workshops are filled with information and personal instruction. Tap Caroline's knowledge of color and share her passion for painting. Her one-on-one focus is on developing your personal vision and advancing your methods to higher levels. Her goal is to make you a better painter.
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