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C A  R  O  L  I  N  E      J  A  S  P  E  R     S T U D I O

Areas of Expertise

       • Art exhibition juror
Caroline Jasper

Caroline Jasper
 • Constructive art criticism
 • Aesthetics - appreciation and  interpretation of artworks
 • Advanced color theory for artists
 • Color mixing uses and abuses
 • Color communication in  visual art, fashion, business
 • Color design in  interior/exterior decor, fashion, gardening, quilting
 • Art  education curriculum
 • Painting methods for artists 
 • Visual perception in  color interpretation
 • Depth illusion in painting
 • Artists' media
 • Composition  dynamics for artists
 • Artists' canvas prep and treatments
 • Impressionism
   • Drawing for painters
 • Photography for artists' references
 • Painting landscape, water, still life, glassware