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BOOKS   DVDS   Scroll down for more DVDs   COLOR MIXING CHART
by Caroline Jasper
featuring Caroline Jasper
by Caroline Jasper
Master Color Concepts for All Media
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"Powercolor-Master Color Concepts for All Media"
10 1/2" x 8 1/2"     144 pages
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What every artist needs to know about color. Real vs. wheel color, color in history, theory evolution, physics, optics, mixing psychology, properties, manufacturing. Ten artists demo various media, subject, style.

    Painters' Guide
& Color Manual

Strategies for All Media

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"Painters' Guide & Color Manual"

11" x 8 1/2"       62 pages
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Complete Caroline Jasper course on color and painting methods. Theory philosophy, exercises, tips, demos, articles, glossary. Learn what Caroline does and why.

Color Moves
Painting Water With Oils
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"Color Moves - Painting Water"
2 hrs  10 min

Instruction workshop and painting demo combined. Learn to capture water's energy and movement.
Creative Catalyst Productions

Oil Painting
Red Ground
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"Painting Landscpe on Red Ground
1 hr  45 min

Instruction workshop and painting demo combined. Learn to create exciting color interactions on red ground. Ideal for landscapes.

Dramatic Depth in Painting
Traditional Oils, Acrylics, Water-Soluble Oils, on Color Gesso Ground
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"Dramatic Depth in Painting"

129 min

3 DVDs in 1! Instruction workshop including three painting demos in three different media, on different color grounds. Learn depth layering strategies and dual-hue palette theories for any medium. Productive painting methods simplified.
    Color Shifts
Mingled vs. Mixed

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Color Shifts Chart
18" x 12"

Manage color and avoid mud. Learn when to mingle or mix according to image needs. Enhance depth illusion via color choices.
3 DVD SET - Powercolor Series       featuring Caroline Jasper  
  Powercolor Volume 1
Real Color vs. Wheel Color
  Powercolor Volume 2
Color-Value Mastery
  Powercolor Volume 3
Combining Color Contrasts
  3 DVD Set
Powercolor Vol.1+2+3

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DVD Powercolor Vol.1
48 minutes
Artist price: $24.99

Every artist needs this advanced color knowledge, regardless of media, subject or style. Colorist Caroline Jasper spins off the color wheel into the depths of how colors really work and how to get them to work in your paintings. In this first of the series, learn essential truths about real vs. wheel color. Caroline shows how to identify "color bias", the basis for conquering color management. You will learn to simplify and improve color choices for mixing and forever avoid muddy color. Discover practical mixed and mingled color integration alternatives. Your empowered palette will bring you new color confidence in painting.


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48 minutes
Artist price: $24.99

Create dynamic impact in your paintings, regardless of media, subject or style. In this second of the series, Caroline Jasper addresses color's most important characteristic - VALUE. Often overlooked and typically under-rated, value contrast is what brings attention to your painting and does the heavy work in portraying form and space. Caroline will train you to recognize the all-important color-value relationships. You will learn to build a painting with strong value underpinnings, and recognize value's overwhelming influence on color mixing and visual interactions in painting. Raise the value of your work with new color-value mastery!


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DVD Powercolor Vol.3
48 minutes
Artist price: $24.99

Learn to push color contrasts for brilliant effects in your paintings, regardless of media, subject or style. In this third of the series, Caroline Jasper teaches all you need to know about color temperature and intensity. You will learn how color characteristics and interactions affect visual perception and image interpretation. Caroline demonstrates effective strategies for combining multiple color concepts in painting along with productive method tips. Enjoy applying your new and powerful mastery of color to all your work!

Click here for detailsDVD Powercolor Vol.1
DVD Powercolor Vol.3
Get the full sequential set of all
3 Powercolor DVDs in one purchase for $69.99


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