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aC   A   R   O   L   I   N   E       J   A   S   P   E   R

Comments from Collectors

Joyce Murphy:
"As a collector of Caroline's work, I feel a sense of serenity in the way she captures light and shadow. I constantly find myself drawn to one painting in particular. The way she flows the colors and light from the trees across water brings a wonderful feeling of warmth and calmness to me."
Paul and Joyce Murphy Collection

Sally Edler:
"I was referred to Caroline by the owner of an art gallery when I inquired about commissioning a painting that included tidal water. Caroline and I discussed the painting theme, even size, and "Journey" was the perfect result. Her paintings all have a richness of color and the insight provided by having been at the location. I continue to enjoy "Journey" and all my visitors are very complimentary of it. I am pleased to also have other of her works on display. "Spectralluxe is beautiful in all light levels. I know 'good art doesn't have to match the sofa,' but the colors are perfect for me, too."
Sally Edler Collection

Jane Gilbert:
know you're onto something special when you gaze upon a painting and you cannot only see it, but you experience it. Caroline's Chesapeake Bay paintings so perfectly capture the essence of the bay that you can all but feel the hot bay breeze and taste the steamed blue crabs."

Jane Gilbert Collection

Ellen Kujala:
"We have a painting called "Calmed" and during the day and night as the light changes, different colors and features draw you into it. It is a wonderful calming effect"

 Robert Kujala:
" Each of our painting [by Caroline Jasper] is special in its own way. "Calmed" is our first so it holds a special place in our home and in our hearts. I remember seeing it in Caroline's booth at the Haver de Grace Arts Festival. It was on the left side of the booth, hanging down near the ground, which gave it a special perspective and lighting. We went away at first, but were drawn back because we realized that we needed to have it in our home. "Calmed has another feature that is shared by many of Caroline's paintings - its poetic name. The multiple meanings are fun and contribute to finding hidden depths in the work. Calmed is a description of the waters in the scene, and in the spirit of the artist and in the viewer. "Castings" is another of our paintings, which is totally different from "Calmed". It is much more startling and agressive. The castings refer to the iron fence and gate - and to shadows from the iron work. The shadows show that the sun is lighting the fence from behind. And the fence glows in the warmth of the sun and completes the invitation offered by the red brick walk leading up to it."
Robert and Ellen Kujala Collection

 Dr. Randall C. Young:
"Caroline Jasper's painting "Lumintice" leaps off the canvas with its vivid colors and brilliant use of shadows and sunlight to create the image of an unexplored path in the woods. The underlying use of red provides a stark contrast to the shades of blue and green in the landscape and makes each element of the painting seem more realistic. When one looks at the painting, one can easily imagine taking a trip down this winding path through the woods wondering where it will lead. Is this the path less chosen? My wife and I rarely agree on art, but Caroline's painting was one of the first we both loved from the moment we saw it."
Randall C. and Janna Young Collection
Chet Netherly:
"From the first time I saw Caroline's work proudly hung on the walls at the Ritz Carlton Resort Hotel in Orlando, Florida, I admired her originality. I now own three originals and a signed print.
William C. and Ann Netherly Collection